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new messages to @kewpee.com users will no longer be delivered. Tanya Marie Curcio decreed, "everyone.net has a very poor reputation concerning customer service and reliability." I suppose everyone.net's award for 5 star customer trust and global product excellence were all lies. I suppose that 17 years of uptime, providing thousands of users with free email accounts for over a decade just doesn't count as reliable. I suppose FREE was too much to pay... so now, instead of getting the services you depended on, you get no service. To thank Ms. Curcio directly for protecting your customer service experiences, or to ask questions about the service disruption, Ms. Curcio can be reached at (202) 467-8809 or tmcurcio@vorys.com. If you need immediate assistance please contact Julie Piantanida at jspiantanida@vorys.com or (202) 467-8858.

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